Make That Garden Room Cosy, Beautiful and Functional

The growing demand for outdoor living areas and spacious kitchens with a dining table has led to the creation of extensions - from gazebos to patios. But if you want something elegant and classy, go for a conservatory. Not only does it offer additional space, but it also lets you enjoy the beauty outside no matter the weather.

Sounds like a good improvement project? Take note of these considerations before getting in touch with a builder.

  • Opening up your home into the extension calls for considerable structural modifications and planning licence approval.
  • Accommodating an open-plan room or a new kitchen requires more than one access.

Then, here are more aspects to look into:


When the day is bright and warm, just open the windows and door to enjoy the weather. But when it gets cold, stay snug with an energy-efficient heating system - such as LPG heaters. You’ll find units with excellent functionality and sleek design, letting you boost comfort level without affecting the conservatory’s visual appear.


The outdoors is subject to weather changes, so you need to choose durable and long-lasting building materials. When it comes to the floor, some of the best options include natural stone and ceramic tiles.

Window treatments

So you’ve chosen from a range of propane or LPG heaters and installed a unit that blends well with the interior design. And you think there’s no need to hang curtains or blinds. After all, the heater will keep the room warm.

But take note that window treatments aren’t just for preventing heat from escaping or draught from getting inside. They also adjust the amount of light entering. They help maintain indoor temperature. They offer privacy. They protect furnishings from inclement weather.


One of the main purposes of a conservatory is to make the most of the outdoors, especially if it has a garden or if it’s landscaped. So, make sure the construction plan and work doesn’t damage the area.

This is why it’s highly advisable to hire licensed builders. They know exactly what to do and they’re familiar with local building guidelines.

Final note:

Don’t forget that ample lighting makes the conservatory a perfect hangout or party venue at night. With that said, let our team at Knowles Electrical take care of lighting installations. We also provide a range of electrical services including rewiring and maintenance. We’ll make sure your home is safe from short circuits or possible fire breakout due to problems with electricity. For safe installation of เครื่องดูดควัน, always speak with a expert.