How Do You Avoid Electrical Risks at Home?

Do you know that electricity can kill? Are you aware that it’s one of the major causes of accidental fire breakouts in homes? What’s worse is that reported cases of injuries reach thousands each year.

These facts are quite alarming. But, considering that living comfortably these days means using electricity almost non-stop, how can you ensure safety?

Keep in mind these vital tips:

1. Never carry out DIY electrical work

Want to check the wiring system? Need to install a security system? Whatever it is you want to do, always hire a licensed contractor in your area. For instance, work with an accredited electrician in Perth, especially someone with an established record of safely conducted jobs. A person with broad knowledge, experience and skills helps you avoid potential dangers. Plus, you won’t waste money on botched-up DIYs.

2. Get to know electrical components

By doing so, you’ll learn which are meant to be left alone. What’s more, you’ll learn that they shouldn’t be tampered or touched without expert assistance. Some of the most important components are:

  • Fuse - can be rewired, depending on the previous installation
  • Main switch - should be easily accessible in case of emergencies
  • Residual current devices (RCD) - is a life-saving device designed to prohibit deadly electrical shocks
  • Circuit breakers - switch off circuits in the event of a fault

3. Identify potential dangers

Find out when or how electricity and electronics present risks. These usually include overloaded sockets, burning smells, sparks, crackling or buzzing, and blown fuses. Know that accidents are highly possible using damaged equipment or mishandling. Of course, nothing is more helpful than learning a great deal about electrical safety in your home and following basic guidelines.

4. Check electrical components

This sounds easy, but you should never consider it a job you can do on your own. Instead, get in touch with contractors in your city. Work with a professional electrician in Perth or contact us here at Knowles Electrical if you’re in Nottingham. Our services include maintenance, rewires, fault finding and security system installation.

Last note:

At an age when there’s heavy dependence on electronics and electricity, you should always ensure safety.