Good Lighting Is Important in the Office

Did you know that electricity is the biggest business cost? It amounts up to 60%. This is why energy efficiency is vital; it helps minimise bills. Consider investing in energy-efficient and good lighting systems as well. They do more than offer efficiency. They also improve working condition.

Specifically, good lighting lessens the chances of your employees getting sick. It contributes to a stimulating, flexible and comfortable workplace. All these, in turn, improve performance and productivity. Plus, it helps you conserve energy and save money.

This is why hiring a commercial and emergency electrician in Perth is important. You need an expert to take care of installations and urgent repairs. You also require a certified team to carry out inspections and testing on crucial areas like the following:


Poor, dim lighting affects you and your staff greatly. It can lead to unwanted pain, eyestrain, back and neck ailment, and headache because the body tries to compensate. It causes everyone to adopt unhealthy postures to see properly.

Meeting rooms

Flexible lighting is essential to perform various tasks like presenting slides through a projector, reading documents and writing on whiteboards. There should also be natural lighting in case you simply want to discuss issues or brainstorm ideas.


Around 30% of modern commercial establishments have hallways, corridors, open spaces and stairs. These areas need clever, functional and energy-efficient lighting systems.

When choosing from a range of solutions, take note that corridors seldom have furniture pieces and other features to give the space character. Therefore, go for lights that provide a sense of direction and aesthetic appeal. They should be able to help people move freely, effectively and safely.

Reception or lounge areas

Your main consideration is good first impression, since you’ll be receiving potential customers and investors here. Install lights with the help of electricians to create a welcoming and pleasant ambience. Combine accent and general lighting fixtures to highlight details and to make the space a natural meeting area for everyone.

End note:

Remember that there’s a wide range of lighting systems and solutions available these days. Base your selection on aspects like individual space (workstation), energy-saving products and flexibility. A place like, elderly care homes -, has various selection of lighting to create a livable environment.

Finally, never hesitate to hire skilled and certified people in your area. When it comes to problems that need quick fixing, you need to call an emergency electrician in Perth. They’ll help you any time of the day. When it comes to a range of services in Nottingham, we are your qualified electrical company. Contact us to discuss your specifications.