Spruce up and Boost Your Home's Value with These Smart Home Makeovers

Planning to spruce up your home? If you have plans of selling your house, it is best to make it more attractive as well as increase its value.

Also make sure your house is secure and protected. Use a reputable company, locksmiths adelaide can help you achieve a secure and safe property.

Speaking of which, here are some renovation tips to increase your home's appeal and value:


No fixes can deliver so much improvement at minimal cost than a fresh coat of paint on your interiors, exterior walls, and roof. Repainting can make your house look modern, fresh, and appealing.

There is no point however in spending heaps of time and effort on painting and decorating your home if the surface to which you are going to paint is cracked and damaged. A Brisbane plasterer can get your walls ready to be painted and ensure that your left with a smooth finish to your fresh coat of paint.

Since your roof is one of the first parts of your property that can be seen from the street, applying a fresh coat of paint on it will make a big difference in attracting house hunters to your home. If you are unsure on what colour and type of paintwork is best for your roofing, you can ask a specialist in roof painting from Melbourne or Nottinghamshire (or whichever area you reside) for assistance. And if you don't have any skills in painting, it may be best to hire a Melbourne roof painting professional to ensure that the job is done well and according to standard.

When choosing paint colours for the rooms, remember that personalising the place by using your favourite colours wouldn't be such a wise move since you're giving the impression to potential buyers that you're pretty much attached to your residence.

Remember! Repainting can be a messy task so make sure that when it's all done that you also consider getting carpet or rug cleaning done too.

Update Plumbing and Electrical Systems

As your house needs to undergo a home inspection before its sale can be completed, you will want to make sure that your property passes the inspection by checking its electrical and plumbing systems ahead of time. Doing this will give you a chance to make any necessary repairs and avoid any unnecessary surprises. This may greatly help in encouraging house hunters to buy your home, especially those who don't want to hassle themselves with making repairs after moving in.

Consider having a professional from us here at Knowles Electrical to do the updating of your electrical fixtures to ensure that the job is done right as any tweaking of the electrical stem can be potentially dangerous. You may also let us do regularly electrical checks to spare you the hassle of encountering major electrical repairs in the future, which are often costly.

Add or Upgrade Bathrooms

If you have space, it is best to add or extend your bathroom as additional space will be aesthetically appealing and functional. According to experts, a bathroom addition can give you an 80% to 130% return of investment.

Consider making small repairs and upgrades, such adding ample storage as well as replacing old light fixtures with more energy-efficient light models. Repair chips in your bathtub and sink and clean your exhaust fans to make them look new, too.

Repaint the walls as this can do wonders in your bathroom's environment, where humidity tend to cause paint to deteriorate quicker than normal. When choosing paint colour for your bathrooms, however, remember to opt for neutral shades as they provide a wider appeal.

After a big renovation project on your home, you might find you have a lot of rubbish to get rid of and would like to recycle it but are not sure how to. If that is you, contact a reputable waste recycling company in King's Lynn that can recycle all kinds of materials and provide a range of skip sizes to choose from.