Starting a Business? Take a Closer Look at Utility Expenses First

Utility expenses are considered to be “ordinary, necessary, and reasonable” expenses that help your business earn income and should be included when you are calculating your business startup costs. Usually recorded as a mixed cost, they are the sum of a fixed or constant fee plus a charge that varies in amount depending on the actual amount of usage of the said utility.

What Your Utilities Expenses Include

Depending on the size and the nature of your business operation, and on the licensing requirements set by the law, common business utilities include:


Gas is important in providing heat for your business office especially during the cold winter months. It is also extremely important when you have a restaurant business wherein you’ll need gas for cooking and preparing meals. Consider getting it from a reputable LPG gas supplier in Sydney who offers an extensive range of products from industrial to medical to hospitality gas. This way, you’re assured that your service provider can cover all your gas needs.


There’s nothing wrong with getting your telephone, VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) and broadband internet connection services from different providers. But remember: You’ll be able to save more if you get these services in one package. So, as much as possible, combine your telecommunication utilities in one bill.


Running water is required in all types of businesses, whether large or small (the law requires even the smallest bistro to provide warm running water to its workers and its clients). This way, entrepreneurs can ensure that everyone in the building has access to safe and potable water which may be used for hygiene or first aid. See to it that you can find the best water source when looking for the right business location. It’s also a good idea to ask if your water service provider also includes sewage in its package. If it does, take advantage of this service so you won’t need to install your own septic tank.


Electricity keeps the lights on and the electrical office equipment running for as long as you need them. But take note that you need more than just electrical installations; you’ll also require maintenance and repair solutions from your electrical contractor to ensure your system will stay in good shape.

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Gas, water, electricity and telecommunications are an important part of any business and even if you have a home-based office set up and are using virtual offices sydney services (or similar wherever you are situated) then there will still be associated utilities to account for. Pay attention to them and ensure you have the best possible utility services.